Saturday, August 30, 2014

Burkett, Ben C. (1888 - 10 Jul 1956) -- Owner of Burkett Paper Co.

Benjamin Clinton Burkett was an Amarillo businessman whose interests included the Burkett Paper Company, a wholesale paper distributing company that was located at 1015 S. Polk Street. He and his wife Ione Burkett (1900 - 1987) came to Amarillo in June 1931 and began building their business. They lived at 2101 S. Lipscomb.

Ben C. Burkett was the father of Benjamin Burkett II, who went to work for at Shamrock Oil and Gas Corporation in 1960 and later become an assistant to Mesa Petroleum president T. Boone Pickens.

1015 S. Polk Street, once the home of Burkett Paper Co.

Article clipped from the 14 Aug 1938 Amarillo Sunday News-Globe
Ad clipped from the Aug 14 1938 Amarillo Sunday News-Globe
Ben C. Burkett home at 2101 S. Lipscomb

Ben C. Burkett home at 2101 S. Lipscomb


  1. Gerry, The Burkett paper company was the first Montgomery Wards bld in Amarillo. I recently wrote a paper for the current owner on its history.