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1010 S. Jefferson St. - Once home to Mr. Earl Vandale

This house at 1010 S. Jefferson St., right across from Ellwood Park, was built in 1904, which means it is 110 years old. I am not sure who the original owner of the house was, but it was listed as the address of a Thomas Franklin O'Kane in the "Official List of Officers of the Officers Reserve Corps of the Army of the United States" for the year 1919. I do not know if he owned the house or was just boarding there.

Mr. McKane was born in Alda, Nebraska on 18 January 1891. He enlisted in the 7th Texas National Guard in Amarillo, Texas in May 1917. He was sent to Camp Bowie, Texas, where he made sergeant. Then on 1 January 1918, Sgt. McKane was sent to officers' school, where he was commissioned as a Lieutenant. He was then sent to Camp Stewart, Texas, where he was assigned to Company F of the 143 Infantry Division. In August 1918, he arrived in France, where he was sent to the Front. I do not know if he was killed in action or not, but he was cited for bravery. He was the son of Daniel and Anna (Mitchell) O'Kane of Wood River, Nebraska.

By 1929, the house was the home of a Mr. Earl Vandale, who came to Amarillo in 1925 as a buyer for the Magnolia Petroleum Company. He lived in Amarillo until his death in 1952.

By April 1946, the house had become the home of a Mr. Jack Nichols, and by 1948, a Mrs. Hazel Nichols was living in the house with her two daughters, Nancy and Dawn Nichols. In 1961 the house was featured in the Amarillo Globe Times, which included some photos of the home. Mrs. Hazel M. Nichols was still living in the house at the time.

Link to information on Mr. Earl Vandale

Home at 1010 S. Jefferson St., built in 1904

Home at 1010 S. Jefferson St., built in 1904

Home at 1010 S. Jefferson St., built in 1904

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