Monday, September 1, 2014

Northwest Texas School of Nursing Student Residence

This building located at 2201 West 6th Street is the old Northwest Texas Hospital residence for nursing student. Today it is part of the Meridian Apartment, a complex of thirty-four 1-bedroom apartments for both homeless women recovering from drug abuse and low-income individuals. In an April 1927 Amarillo Daily News ad it was described as a 12 room hotel.

This is a 1924 photo showing student nurses relaxing behind the old Northwest Texas Hospital student nurses residence at 2201 West 6th Avenue. the beside.

This is a recent photo of the old Northwest Texas Hospital student nurses residence at 2201 West 6th Street. Today it is the front section of the Meridian Apartments, a complex of 34 apartments for both homeless women recovering from substance abuse and for low-income individuals.

Notice that a larger addition was later added on to the original building.

In this photo you can see how the newer addition was connected to the older building.

A newer addition to the original building.

A view of West 6th Avenue facing west. Notice the Meridian Apartments on the left.

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