Thursday, September 4, 2014

Eakle-Archer House - 2104 S. Polk, designed by Guy Carlander

This house at 2104 S. Polk was built in 1923 and designed by Amarillo architect Guy A. Carlander. I do not know who lives there today, but it is known as the Eakle-Archer House. The house was built for Clarence M. Eakle. Clarence was the son of O. M. Eakle, who came to Amarillo in 1890 and started Amarillo's first furniture store. Not only did Mr. Eakle have a furniture store, he also had an funeral parlor. In fact, Mr. Eakle has the distinction of being the first undertaker in the panhandle to employ a regular embalmer.

The furniture store and funeral parlor were both in the same building, which was located at 516-518 S. Polk Street. It was called the Eakle Building and was supposedly the same building the Amarillo Hardware Company moved into in 1912. I assume the furniture store and funeral parlor moved before Amarillo Hardware moved in, but maybe they all shared the building. The building was later torn down, and the old White and Kirk building was built on the site in 1938 and still stands there today, though it is now owned by the Amarillo National Bank.

The color photo shows the Eakle-Archer house at 2104 S. Polk today. The first b/w photo shows the Eakle Furniture Store in 1908, and the second b/w photo shows the Eakle Undertaking Palor in 1892. The third b/w photo shows the old Eakle Builing at 516-518 S. Polk, the site where the old White & Kirk building was built in 1938. The Eakle Building is the large building on the right side of the photo.

The following is what is supposedly written on the plaque in front of the house at 2104 S. Polk Street:
Eakle-Archer House
 2104 S. Polk St., Amarillo, TX, USA Alatitude & Longitude: 35° 11' 27.07118000016", -101° 50' 27.5427700008"  
"Prominent Amarillo architect Guy A. Carlander designed this dramatic craftsman airplane bungalow for the Clarence M. Eakle family. Built in 1923, it features a cockpit-like upper floor and sweeping multiple gable roofs. Flared oriental and arts and crafts eaves and brackets are enhanced by various facade materials: brick, stucco, river stone, and native Alibates flint. Rancher and oilman Sam B. Archer and family bought the house in 1926 and resided here until 1945. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark - 1994."
Eakle-Archer House at 2104 S. Polk Street, designed by Amarillo architect Guy Carlander

Eakle Furniture Store

Eakle Funeral Parlor

The tall building on the right was the old Eakle Building at 516-518 S. Polk St.

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