Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Nest-Fresh Egg Ranch Co. at 2nd & S. Harrison

This old building at 2nd & S. Harrison housed the manufacturing line for Nest-Fresh Egg Ranch Company.

This old building at 2nd & S. Harrison housed the manufacturing line for Nest-Fresh Egg Ranch Company.

The sign seems to say "Nest-Fresh Egg Co."

The engraved stone reads, "Tom M. Seay Building." Tom M. Seay was the attorney for Potter County from 1938 until 1948, the year he went into private practice.
Clipped from the 8 Aug 1957 Wood County Democrat
This article was clipped from the 18 January 1960 "Amarillo Daily News."
Nest-Fresh Egg Co. also had a store in this building at 200 S. Buchanan.

Nest-Fresh Egg Co. also had a store in this building at 200 S. Buchanan.


  1. Nest Fresh Egg was started by my Grandfather , Robert E. McCrary in 1940. My father Hershel W. Smith Jr, ran the company from 1965 until 1996. In 1973 Elmer McCrary sold Nest Fresh to a company in Blevins Arkansas, which retained the name and moved the HQ to Arkansas. Before selling it Elmer McCrary has built Nest Fresh to employee several local people for many years and served the Texas Panhandle, Western Oklahoma, Eastern NM, supplied all the military bases in the area with Eggs and was a house hold name in the grocery markets.
    I worked there while in high school at Tascosa and college at West Texas St from 73 to 76. Mr McCrarys son Robert Nick McCrary worked for his father for many years as well and after selling Nest Fresh started a new company Amarillo Egg Co for a few years.
    Nest Fresh was proud to be a local Amarillo owned company. The Tom Seay building was recently torn down in 2014 after many years of being empty. Mr Robert E. McCrary passed away in Oct 2005. Mr Hershel W. Smith Jr, went on to run Nest Fresh until 1996 when they closed. Until than he served on the National Egg Board and was President of the Arkansas Egg Association. Mr Smith passed away January 11, 2010.

  2. Tom Seay building was demolished this year. Though the pics show it as in terrible condition , at one time when Nest Fresh was operating this was a busling location. Trucks pulling in and out all day. Merchants were across the street. Behind Nest Fresh as a large lot for parking its vehicles and gas pumps.

  3. More facts about Mr McCrary. His former home is at 3208 Teckla Blvd in Amarillo. The home was moved to that location in 1968 . Before than it sat at Western and Olsen where McDonalds is today. He sold his land to McDonalds and moved the house which at been at this location since 1940. Before than the house was on Polk Street in Amarillo built before 1910. Amarillo should have the home noted as a land mark. It has been moved 3 times and his a fascinating home.

  4. For any additional information needed about Robert Elmer McCrary or Hershel Smith Jr feel free to contact Armand Smith at

  5. Thank you, Armand. That is some very interesting history. However, the house at 3208 Teckla today looks like a more modern structure. Was it updated?

    1. Yes that house was moved from where the McDonalds is at Western and Wolflin in 1968,I was sitting in 7th grade looking out the window at Crocket Jr Hi and saw it coming down the street on a truck. Before it was at Western and Wolfin the house was over near Sam Houston Jr Hi, it was moved in the 40s when my Grandfather bought it. It was originally built in 1890s , no one knows that but my son has done research and I am going to talk to a local news station about the history. Where the Burger King is now at I 40 and Western my Great Grandparents house was. Was very nice one story. When they sold to burger king they moved to Erik St and someone bought the old house and moved it. Yes I 40 coming thru down made a lot of changes. My grandparents owned the land where Mcd and Burger King now sits. Nest Fresh was once a thriving business serving the Panhandle, Eastern NM, Okla.Thanks for the note and I enjoy your web site. I you keep it going. By the way Mr McCrary lived in the house on Teckla until 2002 when he moved to a retirement home. New owners have kept it up.

  6. Glad to see this site is still active. Thank you. Armand Smith