Thursday, April 16, 2015

Buildings at 7th & Taylor in 1916

What was at the intersection of 7th & Taylor in 1916?

The old US Post Office building, built in 1914, was on the NW corner; the old Moore-Poston Company building, which sold dry goods, was on the NE corner; the old Weather Bureau was on the SE corner, and the St. Charles Apartments, built in 1911, was on the SW corner. Today the old post office building is still standing, but is now called the Coble Building. The old Moore-Poston Company building was replaced with the Herring... Furniture building, but is now a parking lot. The location of the old weather bureau is now home to the Happy State Bank building, and the old St. Charles Apartments building was demolished in 1932 and replaced with the building that is now home to Eddie's Napoli's Italian Restaurant.

The St. Charles Apartments would have been a very convenient place to live in 1916.

Old U.S. Post Office on the NW corner of 7th & Taylor in about 1916. Built in 1914
The old Moore-Poston Company Building at the NE corner of 7th & Taylor in about 1916. The company sold dry-goods.

The old Weather Bureau at the SE corner of 7th & Taylor in about 1916

The St. Charles Apartments at the SW corner of 7th & Taylor. Built in 1911, it was demolished in 1932 and replaced with a building that became the Greyhound Union Bus Depot.


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