Sunday, July 6, 2014

1922 - Postcard of Santa Fe Station & Hotel - Amarillo, Texas

This is a 1922 postcard of the Santa Fe Depot and hotel in Amarillo, Texas. It was located at 401 South Grant Street. The first-story depot was built in 1910, and the second-story hotel was added in 1912. Passenger trains stopped running in Amarillo in 1971.

The photo below shows the dining room in the Santa Fe Hotel, which was called the Harvey House dinning room. According to the book "Route 66 in Texas," the Harvey House was considered the most elegant restaurant in town, and the waitresses were famously known as the Harvey Girls, who had a reputation for being attractive, intelligent, and of good character. Also, according to the book, the Fred Harvey restaurant closed on January 31, 1940.

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